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Marvel Versus DC Gallery Official Name Marvel Versus DC Aliases Marvel vs DC, DC vs Marvel Universe Earth-616 Event Details Locations New York Contents[show] Event Synopsis See Also: Marvel Versus DC Vol 1 for the comic issues. The Amalgam Universe. Some denizens of the DC Universe have encountered beings from, or have traveled to, these Marvel universes. The Justice League met The Avengers from the Marvel universe during an adventure involving Krona. It is the primary Marvel universe and is sometimes designated as the Earth-616 universe by its own natives. The upside is two-fold: You get a choice while enjoying the DC vs. Marvel battle many comic book fans have had for years. So, which is for you? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. 29/09/2016 · It's an age-old debate: Are you a Marvel or DC kind of fan? In data exclusively provided to Heat Vision, the location intelligence company crunched the numbers based on users who checked into. Scruffydragon is a M.U.G.E.N team dedicated to making Marvel and DC characters and stages. They have made characters in both their regular forms and in a "pocket" form inspired by the game Pocket Fighter. Their main, and most well known, project was DC vs Marvel. Besides Marvel and DC.

Robin DC vs. Jubilee Marvel. Robin won by using his cape as a decoy and then tying up Jubilee. The Silver Surfer Marvel vs. Green Lantern DC. The Silver Surfer won when both collided with each other and released a huge explosion which knocked out Green Lantern, but left the Silver Surfer unfazed. DC suffers criticism because their universe is too dark. When an attempt at humor was made-- Joss Whedon taking over Justice League-- the end result left audiences cringing with discomfort. Despite the heavy feelings Marvel left fans with at the end of Infinity War, many of their movies continue to bring laughter and overall joy to their fans. 22/03/2018 · Fans have long argued which is better, Marvel vs DC, when it comes to comics publishing. Here are four major points to consider when deciding the best universe.

Which fan base is worse DC fanboys or Marvel fanboys. to Marvel fan boy saying Hulk smash all, and saying there nothing wrong with MCU and accuse people of being DC fan boys for having. A legendary battle of comic greats: Marvel vs. DC. But are you more like Spider-Man and Iron Man or Superman and Batman? Take our quiz and find out if you are more Marvel or DC! Now that the MCU has brought the full force of the Avengers onscreen, fans have taken to pitting them in an imaginary but awesome fight against the Justice League.In fact, we’ve covered what a battle between the two factions would be like, but this time we’re stacking them up based on their attributes.

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