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I am trying to parse out the Location from Hive partitioned table in Spark using this query: val dsc_table = spark.sql"DESCRIBE FORMATTED data_db.part_table" I was not able to find any query or any other way in Spark to specifically select Location column from this query. 1. In order to merge two or more files into one single file and store it in hdfs, you need to have a folder in the hdfs path containing the files that you want to merge. For background on HDFS high availability, see Enabling HDFS HA Using Cloudera Manager. Before you start, make note of the name of the active NameNode role instance. You can find the list of NameNode instances on the Instances tab for the HDFS service in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console. Complete the following steps to change the NameService name for HDFS with HA.

I have recently created two node hadoop cluster with CDH5.11.0 with Cloudera manager. It installed spark 1.16 and I am able to launch spark-shell. Alert: Welcome to the Unified Cloudera Community. Former HCC members be sure to read and learn how to activate your account here. Overview. All HDFS commands are invoked by the bin/hdfs script. Running the hdfs script without any arguments prints the description for all commands. Usage: hdfs [SHELL_OPTIONS] COMMAND [GENERIC_OPTIONS] [COMMAND_OPTIONS] Hadoop has an option parsing framework that employs parsing generic options as well as running classes. When running jar including Spark Job at HDFS HA Cluster, Mesos and Spark1.5.1, the job throw Exception as ".UnknownHostException: nameservice1" and fail. The issue was we were passing a spark.conf file while submitting the spark job hoping the config changes would be aggregated with default parameters from default spark.conf. Turns out it overrides the default spark config file. Even if you pass blank spark conf it will not consider the default spark.

13/10/2015 ·.UnknownHostException: nameservice1的异常,nameservice1是配置hdfs中用到的HA,在执行spark程序时出现.UnknownHostException: nameservice1异常,找到正确的路径。. Join the world's most active Tech Community! Welcome back to the World's most active Tech Community! 16/10/2015 ·.UnknownHostException:nameservice1的异常,nameservice1是配置hdfs中用到的HA,在执行spark程序时出现java. 博文 来自: Ganymede的Hadoop世界 java连接 hdfs.

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