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For example, when the system run level is 3, all processes defined to operate at that run level are started. Near the end of the system boot phase of the boot process, the run level is read from the initdefault entry of the /etc/inittab file. The system operates at that run level until it receives a signal to change it. This document describes how to start and stop software using run level directories via /etc/inittab. A run level is a software configuration that allows only a selected group of processes to exist. Unix System V run level directories were introduced in AIX 4.3.3 Maintenance Level 05. problem may indicate a restore or reinstall of AIX is necessary= to correct it=2E If you wish, you may pursue further system recovery assistance= from one of the following: local branch office your point of sale your AIX support center. Sample /etc/inittab file for AIX Versions 4 and 5: US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or. Changing the /etc/inittab file. The /etc/init program starts during the last phase of kernel initialization and has a ``process id'' PID of ``1''. The init process starts all other processes. The /etc/inittab file contains instructions for init. Auto Start on AIX. For AIX servers, the system initialization file is /etc/inittab and the initialization script is /etc/rc. A utility /usr/sbin/mkitab can be used to make an entry in the inittab file. The shutdown script for AIX is /usr/sbin/shutdown, although it should not be modified to support dbshut.

hello, i have an AIX6.1.7.2 machine that it was upgraded recently from AIX5.3.9.4. when i kill system services that should restart automatically like /usr/sbin/cron it doesnt start. i checked my /etc/inittab file and i confirmed that this service is in respawn status so when i kill this process it should automatically start again. i have the same problem with other services located in /etc. This post will discuss about the syntax used in /etc/inittab. Remember, run level for the system is always read from /etc/inittab Syn. Do you know how can I reload the inittab with out reboot de LPAR? throught command line? ----- All-new Yahoo! Mail - Fire up a more powerful email and get things done faster. We encourage you to read our updated. how to reload the inittab on AIX - 05 without reboot.

init not starting processes from inittab One of them was upgraded in the past, one we upgraded recently, both from 5300-05-06 to 5300-07-01-0748. On the upgraded machine cron is not starting automatically from inittab, otherwise it is running perfectly fine. Recovery from an LED 553 in AIX. NOTE: The -y option can be added to give the fsck command permission to repair file system corruption when necessary. This flag can be used to avoid having to manually answer multiple confirmation prompts, however, use of this flag can cause permanent data loss in some situations. Hi All, I am booting by Linux box with the run level 3 and it gets booted successfully. I want to execute a script once the system is up and running in the run level 3. I was trying to add a entry to /etc/inittab to execute my script once the system is up.

Introduction. The AIX operating system is the particular IBM flavor of UNIX. IBM first released AIX in 1986 as AIX version 1.0 and, through several iterations over the past 22 years AIX version 6.1 was the latest version at the time of writing, AIX has matured into a solid UNIX system. AIX中不小心删除了inittab文件2014-03-0317:51:31标签:aix删除inittab文件原创作品,允许转载,转载时请务必以超链接形式标明文章原始出处、作者信息和本声明。否则将追究法. AIX中不小心删除了inittab文件2014-03-03 17:51:31标签:aix删除inittab文件原创作品,允许转载,转载时请务必以超链接形式标明文章 原始出处 、作者信息和本声明。否则将. Subject: RE: [ibm-aix-l] inittab problem I wrote on thethe complete script but it is not still working. When the init is running it is reading from the ODM? Editing the /etc/inittab File in Maintenance ModePlease read the article Editing the /etc/inittab File in Maintenance Mode More on UnixMantra.

07/04/2010 · The /etc/inittab file controls what happens whenever a Unix system is rebooted or forced to change run levels. Let's take a look at the configuration lines that tell your system what it's supposed. In case of 1 a new entry gets created whenever the TXSeries is reinstalled again. But in case of 2, the user must manually uncomment the entry after reinstalling the product. CICS installer does not add a new entry into /etc/inittab, if it finds a "rccics" entry commented/uncommented in /etc/inittab file. Boot process of AIX in detail I. The boot process in AIX As a system administrator you should have a general understanding of the boot process. This knowledge is useful to solve problems that can prevent a system from booting properly. These problems can be both software or hardware.

Init is started by the kernel during the booting process; a kernel panic will occur if the kernel is unable to start it. Init is typically assigned process identifier 1. In Unix systems such as System III and System V, the design of init has diverged from the functionality provided by the init. Ordinarily if there is a problem with one or more entries in the /etc/inittab the preferred method of editing it is: 1. Boot into Maintenance Mode off AIX install CDs, mksysb, or NIM.

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