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CSV file requirements Each CSV file must possess a heading row with a Summary column. The CSV file import wizard uses the CSV file header row to determine how to map data from the file's 2nd row and beyond to fields in Jira. Click Begin Import when you are ready to begin importing your CSV data into Jira. If you want to check for any errors or warnings, click Validate before beginning your import. If you want to import another CSV file with similar settings e.g. similar field value mappings, you can save the configuration by downloaded a CSV configuration file. 10/08/2019 · If the CSV field has a username e.g. Reporter or Assignee and does not select the Map Field Value check box for this field in the previous step of the CSV file import wizard, then the importer will map imported usernames from the CSV file to lowercase JIRA usernames. The following screenshot shows how to map values. What JIRA does here is look at, but not import, the "Issue ID" column. The column is there to provide a simple unique identifier in the csv, not in JIRA. The second column says "I am a subtask, and I belong to the line in the CSV with the Issue ID of xxx". Again, JIRA will not import it, it is just for tying subtask to parent during the import.

Hi, How can I import issues that are linked to an Epic type issue using the CSV importer? I can successfully create an Epic type issue using the CSV importer but when I try to link an issue to it by mapping the Epic Link field with the Epic Name of the epic, the importer creates the ticket but doesn't actually link it to the Epic. Purpose. This article discusses how you can import multiple components into JIRA. Solution. The in-built CSV Issue Import functionality can be used to bulk-import components into JIRA. This method will only import the Component Names.

Using the Importing data from CSV feature, you can create new issues. If you specify new values of custom fields during this import, it will create the value in JIRA. However, this means you will have to create a "dummy" issue for the purpose of importing the custom field values. Hi @Corinna Führing In principle this is the same date/time stamp but without knowing what configuration settings are on your JIRA instance it is difficult to be able to say it will be treated the same. I would personally create a short import file with a variety of different date formats until I find the one that works for JIRA.

When importing a CSV file into an OnDemand version of Jira, how do I include story points along with my issues? During the "field mapping" stage, there is no "Story Points" target field in the list. how to export to csv. Nic Olson Feb 20, 2017. We are also using the JIRA Cloud and suddenly export to CSV went missing breaking a couple of major flows. you just select them with a JQL and export them like regular Issues. But you can not import everything via CSV - e.g. Test Status. You have to read their documentation on this. How to export issue and comment in CSV with proper format to import. Related content. No related. but does not allow user to re-import the issue with comments using CSV import due to improper format of the comment. JIRA would need the proper format of "User;date Time st Comments text" to be able to import back the comment to JIRA instance.

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