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DS2 FCMP Package Methods, Operators, and Statements Tree level 2. Node 9 of 18 DECLARE PACKAGE Statement: FCMP Package Tree level 3. The OUTPUT statement writes the data to a result table. The matrices are written one row at a time to the result table a row at a time by means of the variable array. For more information, see the OUT Method in SAS DS2 Language Reference and the Loading and Writing Data in SAS DS2 Language Reference.

Functions for Calling SAS Code from Within Functions: The FCmp Function Editor: Examples: FCMP Procedure: Example 1: Creating a Function and Calling the Function from a DATA Step: Example 2: Creating a CALL Routine and a Function: Example 3: Executing PROC STANDARDIZE on Each Row of a Data Set: Example 4: Using GTL with User-Defined Functions. The predefined DS2 package FCMP supports calls to FCMP functions and subroutines from within the DS2 language. If the package is declared in PROC DS2 code that is run in SAS University Edition, errors like the following are generated: ERROR. A DS2 package is a collection of variables and methods of which particular instances can be constructed and used in other DS2 programs. You use an FCMP package to support calls to functions and subroutines that are available or are created with the FCMP procedure. For more information, see Predefined DS2 Packages. FCMP. Supports calls to FCMP functions and subroutines from within the DS2 language. Note: The FCMP package is. see Block Statements in SAS DS2 Language Reference. Tip A DS2 thread can instantiate a local instance of a package within the thread program. Package. FCMP Package. The DS2 Procedure: SAS Programming Methods at Work. PROC DS2. The DATA step has served SAS programmers well over the years. Although it is powerful, it has not fundamentally changed since its inception. SAS has introduced a significant programming alternative.

paper, we explore advantages of using PROC DS2 procedure over the data step programming in SAS®. We explore various programming techniques within PROC DS2 to resolve real world SAS programming problems such as use of hash objects for performance improvement, support for calls to FCMP user. The FCMP procedure is fairly new to SAS SAS9.1 and even experienced SAS programmers have not always been quick to see the potential of user defined functions and routines. In actuality user defined functions can be written to solve complex coding problems.

While DS2 isn’t meant to replace the DATA step, there are numerous reasons why a customer might choose to use this new functionality. If you’re unsure if you should give it a try, or if you’d like to read more about it, here’s the link to the SAS® 9.4 DS2 Language Reference. Restriction: This method is not supported on the CAS server. Note: The DELETE method is not required. When no FCMP package variables reference a FCMP package instance, the package instance is automatically deleted. 1 PROC DS2: What’s in it for you? Viraj R Kumbhakarna, MUFG Union Bank N.A., San Francisco, CA ABSTRACT In this paper, we explore advantages of using PROC DS2 procedure over the data step programming in SAS®.

I'm trying to do some comparisons for personal preference between using a data step and proc DS2 for certain tasks. The problem is that i've hit the snag of not having compged/complev/soundex functions available from within the run method. Is there any way to access these functions from within P. From Mastering the SAS® DS2 Procedure. Full book available for purchase here. vi. Chapter 3: DS2 Data Program Details. 5.2 Executing FCMP Functions in DS2.

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