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GPU Transcoding vs CPU Transcoding

Transcoding with gpu instead of cpu - posted in General/Windows: hello mates, i discovered emby 2 weeks ago and its amazing.keep up the hard and good work. i have a problem though and i want your help to solve it. My computer specs: intel i7 8700GTX 980ti emby beta server My smart tv: UE42F5500 with emby app devices connected with ethernet cable when i am trying to play a hevc episode with. However, as Plex, Emby and other NAS Media Server software are 3rd party so not the same brand as the NAS maker, in many instances, the application cannot access/doesn;t have permission to use the hardware transcoding on the CPU when needed and therefore uses a software alternative software transcoding. 15/10/2017 · I put the latest Plex update to the test. Want a secure and fast VPN?. H.264 VS H.265 - Plex Transcoding Performance - Duration: 7:29. Byte My Bits 78,498 views. 7:29. Page 72 of 73 - GPU Transcoding Intel QuickSync and nVidia NVENC - posted in General Discussion: I installed a GTX 1060 3GB card into my media server i7-3770 and was trying to do hardware transcoding with plex but found out too late that they only support encoding, not decoding. So Im testing Emby now instead and at first I was pretty pleased with the performance but after further. 29/03/2016 · Best Specs for a Plex server with heavy transcoding. part of what makes Plex brilliant. As for the CPU, transcoding a single stream to a lowish. AppleTV4 with Plex vs. getting.

24/04/2018 · I'd probably go no less than a higher-end i3 or more likely, i5's or better for 4K streams. Plex also supports GPU transcoding so that might be an option too. But ya it does seem a Pentium isn't going to handle it, though maybe if you have a spare GPU you could use, that might help mitigate the need for a different CPU, MB, etc. 30/11/2019 · In basic terms Plex suggest 2K of CPU mark per 1080P AV transcode, in practice less will do, but remember your CPU may be doing other things, especially if you are using. if you only want to stop HDR/10 bit transcode, since even if your CPU/GPU can support 4K transcoding it will always be transcoded to SDR and look like garbage. With the fairly recent addition of hardware transcoding in plex using your CPU’s to do transcoding in software has become obsolete and with H265 becoming more and more common you will find yourself at a crossroads,. I’m sorry but the CPU was somewhere ~70% utilized and the GPU. Page 1 of 2 - Transcoding Performance vs. That Other Server. - posted in Linux: Hey all. Im currently transitioning from Plex to Emby. So far, I really like it. The server config is so much nicer, and for the most part, it has feature parity. Even though Im still testing, I went ahead and purchased Emby Premiere to support the project.

21/09/2017 · After many told me to do it, I finally stop ignoring and make the change. But did it make it faster? Advertisement Info Get up to 96% OFF on 1, 3 & 5 year.TECH domains - Go to Instead i can still see the CPU grinding away at 100% and hw decoding only still being utilised for the x264 encoding e.g. "Video: Transcoding HEVC to H264 hw" displayed in the status. Have a missed something here, or should the 1050ti not now be handling the decoding with hardware transcoding enabled in PMS? Many thanks for the help! 12/03/2015 · The big advantage to utilizing GPU Transcoding would be in parallel processing,. Any news on GPU transcoding, especially Intel Quick Sync?. But Plex is still doing transcoding the way it was done a decade ago and ignoring much better technology. TS-251 has cpu with higher raw power but very weak gpu. Hello, Now that we have hardware transcoding in beta state what nas is better? TS-251 has cpu with higher raw power but very weak gpu. How It Works;. TS-251 vs TS-253a - hardware transcoding. SW transcoding: Plex recommends 1500 passmark for 720p/4MBps. Page 5 of 73 - GPU Transcoding Intel QuickSync and nVidia NVENC - posted in General Discussion: Just curious how this will eventually work. When quik sync is enabled is that the only form of transcoding that will be done? Or will the media browser server have access to use x264 and quik sync as needed? My 4670k handles multiple streams very smooth but it has high cpu usage the first 10.

Plex transcoding itself will not benefit much if any. During Transcoding process, CPU is the one which does all the work. So focus on the processor. 2. Would these transcoding abilities with the added NVMe RAM on the sd918 be better than M.2 SATA SSD cache added to the ds1517? Transcoding will not perform better with a cache. Page 1 of 4 - Emby vs. Plex Transcoding - posted in Samsung Smart TV: Hi guys, I have just tested between Emby and Plex in terms of transcoding and have come across some x265/HEVC noticeable differences between Emby and Plex. Emby on my brand new LG TV is awesome and direct plays most of the HEVC content that I throw at it, however on Plex this doesnt direct play it funnily enough but. Cyberlink's MediaShow Espresso video transcoding app supports ATI. Video Transcoding Shootout–CPU vs. Nvidia vs. to compare video transcoding between a fast CPU, a fast Nvidia GPU. For a start, you need a plex pass in order to use this option. Next, you need a supported GPU card or an Intel Based CPU with an embedded graphical component I highly recommend an i3/5/7 at least – not a Xeon as this has been proven not to be of use. Below is how to enable hardware transcoding.

  1. 20/09/2019 · no. plex will use gpu until it runs out of resources vram generally then use cpu. not that I have noticed. the gpu will be used for transcoding if enabled in the dvr settings. just understand that getting into 4k is more complicated and can be more expensive than most expect.
  2. To enable hardware transcoding with Plex, first you’ll need to get Plex Pass. Once you have it, sign in to Plex with your account and you will be able to enable it. comparing the CPU usage while transcoding a 1080P MKV movie to its original quality in real time with hardware acceleration enabled vs. hardware acceleration unenabled.

which cpu is better for plex? valantislevas Posts: 85 Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass. From a Plex transcoding standpoint, yes. H.264 is done via GPU. I have observed it reduce the workload to as little as 3% CPU compared to 40% without. But Plex does complicate things a bit. Xeon CPU is so powerful, that it can transcode almost any video file. But the problem hides deep inside. It does not feature transcoding engine which means that CPU will be working on its maximum to transcode the video. You need to look at Intel core i series to be able to cope with multiple streams. 19/08/2017 · Core2 Duo E8600 scores 2400 in PassMark, which is just above the recommended requirement of 1080p transcoding by Plex. You'll need something scoring above 15,000 in PassMark or even 16,000 as recommended by Plex employee, which means Ryzen 1700, Ryzen 1700X, Coffee Lake 8700 and Coffee Lake 8700K will all stutter for 4k transcoding. 03/09/2017 · If you have a HEVC compatible device and plex is still transcoding to it which most have this issue then just make a straight swap with the container from MKV to MP4 nice and faster instead of re-encoding it and it will play without an issue and no transcoding. Plex devices do not seem to like 265 in MKV containers at the moment.

Plex Hardware Accelerated TranscodingTested!.

Transcoding with gpu instead of cpu

I've got a number of different systems here including a box with a GTX 1070, Quadro M4000 and a FirePro W9100, I'm trying to test which GPU is best for transcoding i.e. the W9100 for OpenCL vs the Quadro for CUDA but as I can't see any GPU activity I'm not sure if I'm even doing this right. 31/08/2017 · The cpu does get warm streaming two 4k streams after a while and two hours in I get about 68c on a stock Intel cooler more in the summer. I don't often stream two 4k streams but with 6 users accessing my library it does happen. 1080p streams it can handle 5 it seems. Seems a decent cpu for a plex. 09/11/2017 · CPU for Plex Media Server? 4k transcoding Discussion in 'CPUs' started by voidshatter, Aug 11, 2017. Tags:. a system with this motherboard, RAM and a compatible CPU can also boot without any GPU/iGPU. I will just point the Plex server V2 to. 14/11/2013 · Hey, I have an underpowered HTPC with an AMD E350. It works fine for watching anything directly on the connected TV even HD movies in any format, but doesn't cut it for streaming 1080p material to the iPad and other devices using Plex Media Server. I'm looking for an upgrade that can.

  1. Conclusion: GPU vs CPU mainly Means Uncompressed RAW vs Non-RAW. Compressed RAW is Some Sort of a Hybrid. Looking at this process we can see that the two mandatory steps, decoding 1 and encoding 4, both require CPU power. This means that a good and stable CPU always sets the basis for your transcoding performance.
  2. 11/08/2017 · So I've just started to look into building a home media server for Plex, and I'd like it to be relatively future-proof. Then "4k transcoding" comes in my mind, as I guess 4k may be the standard resolution for the years to come. I have little experience in this field as to Plex.
  3. 09/11/2019 · Currently my home server is having issues with HW transcoding or lacking it because the incompatible CPU. I meant to run a Ubuntu VM on ESXi with PCIE GPU passtrough but there are mixed threads about GPU transcoding on linux. Does anybody have a. If you can ditch Plex for emby, that's always my suggestion. They have hw support.

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