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XML format is stable and well documented. The downside is it is rather verbose but that is also what makes it readable by humans as well as machines.The wide support in almost every language for XML makes it extremely portable. Until recently using XML with Ruby was not a high performance option. 14/01/2020 · Web Services with Ruby - SOAP4R - The Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP, is a cross-platform and language-independent RPC protocol based on XML and, usually but not necessarily HTTP. REXML is a conformant XML processor for the Ruby programming language. REXML passes 100% of the Oasis non-validating tests and includes full XPath support. It is reasonably fast, and is implemented in pure Ruby. Best of all, it has a clean, intuitive API. REXML is included in the standard library of Ruby. Parsing an XML file in Ruby. two ways to parse an XML file–the first is the simple way I originally did it and the second way I’ll show you a Ruby gem called Nokogiri. Parsing an XML file the old-fashioned way. Let’s look at the file we’re going to parse.

Ruby HTTP POST request containing XML content. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Sometimes I need to make simple HTTP posts in a Ruby script. Using a 3rd party library may be too clunky for such a simple script. This post helps a lot, but it doesn't cover all my needs. Specifically, when working with the Switchvox API, the API methods are expected to be a JSON parameter. Let's start by imply posting some JSON. Fast, searchable Ruby documentation for core and standard libraries. Plus, links to tutorials, guides, books, and related sites. 天才星人まくのRubyノート. XML ファイルの出力(基本) 下記のプログラムは、XML の宣言要素だけを出力するサンプルです。.

Radikoの番組表データを取得する. 東京エリアの放送内容をXMLで取得し、色んなモジュールでパースしてみる。 APIの仕様はこちらのページ1を参考にさせて頂いた。. Ruby Send XMLHttpRequest and Get Response. Demonstrates how to send an HTTP XML request and retrieve the response. Chilkat Ruby Downloads. Ruby Library for Linux and MAC OS X. require 'chilkat'This example assumes the Chilkat API to have been previously unlocked.

Con il tempo si è diffusa la richiesta di strumenti per ottimizzare i documenti XML. In questo articolo si presenterà il problema, diversi approcci utili a risolverlo, ed EXI, una soluzione offerta dal W3C. Si introdurranno infine alcune soluzioni usate per ottimizzare l’XML in Java.

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