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SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.1: Statistical Procedures;. PROC KCLUS enables you to use parallel execution for clustering in a distributed computing environment. The following list summarizes the basic features of PROC KCLUS: can execute clustering in parallel. The GENSELECT Procedure Tree level 2. Node 1 of 9. The KCLUS Procedure Tree level 2. Node 2 of 9. SASR Visual Statistics 8.5: Procedures; SASR Visual Statistics 8.5: Procedures; Search; PDF; EPUB; Feedback; More. Help Tips. CAS-libref. refers to a collection of information that is defined in the LIBNAME statement and includes the caslib, which includes a path to the data, and a session identifier, which defaults to the active session but which can be explicitly defined in the LIBNAME statement.For more information about CAS-libref, see the section Using CAS Sessions and CAS Engine Librefs.

In this example, PROC KCLUS clusters nominal variables in the Baseball data set. The Baseball data set includes 322 observations, and each observation has 24 variables. Among these 24 variables, the 5 nominal ones are selected as the input data to show an example of running k-modes clustering on a nominal data set. Figure 10.4 shows the sum of squared errors SSE for each iteration. If the variables are interval, then the "Iteration History" table displays SSE Change and Stop Criterion columns. If the input variables are nominal, then the "Iteration History" table displays Within Distance Change and Stop Criterion columns. In this video, you learn how to perform k-means clustering and segmentation in SAS Viya using PROC KCLUS. In SAS 9, this would be performed using PROC FASTCLUS. In this video, you learn how to perform k-means clustering and segmentation in SAS Viya using PROC KCLUS. Before using PROC FASTCLUS, decide whether your variables should be standardized in some way, since variables with large variances tend to have more effect on the resulting clusters than those with small variances. If all variables are measured in the same units, standardization might not be necessary.

PROC KCLUS looks interesting - looks like I can access PROC KCLUS by downloading the free 14 day trial for SAS Viya. In my question, I picked the Gower dissimilarity distance for the method in PROC DISTANCE METHOD=DGOWER, however after checking the SAS documentation there is also the option to choose the Gower similarity distance METHOD=GOWER if this is the more correct. In a previous post I summarized the tasks and procedures available in SAS Viya Data Mining and Machine Learning. In this post, I'll dive into the unsupervised learning category which currently hosts several tasks: Kmeans, Kmodes, and Kprototypes Clustering, Outlier Detection, and a few variants of Principal Component Analysis.

SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.1;. The KCLUS Procedure Tree level 4. Node 2 of 9. Overview: KCLUS. Node 1 of 6. PROC KCLUS Features Tree level 6. Node 1 of 2. Using CAS Sessions and CAS Engine Librefs Tree level 6. Node 2 of 2. Getting Started: KCLUS Procedure Tree.

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